Live events can now be protected from online piracy

In Ecuador’s football league, we achieved a 96% effectiveness rate in the elimination of online infringements by monitoring before, during and after live broadcasts.

Visits to the top 5 cyberlockers reach 1.83% of the international web traffic

Online broadcasts of live events have become an essential way of bringing content to the audience. You know it, and we know it. But as a direct result, the level of online piracy has also increased rapidly.

The growth of social media has meant that content is consumed differently –faster and more reactively– and now the public wants to enjoy events live and online. And what the public wants, piracy wants.

Luckily, Smart Media Protection is on your side because we can help you protect your online signal and your live broadcasts in a simple and efficient manner.

Piracy of live events has consequences

The illegal online broadcast of live events (football matches, formula 1 races, concerts, etc.) causes various problems for your brand: low image and audio quality, presence of viruses, unwanted audience, fraudulent client data collection, copyright damages and reduction in the value of acquired rights.

Therefore, both the end consumer and the company that holds the rights to the signal are harmed.

Live event protection in 5 steps

Smart Media Protection has developed a five-step action framework for rapid results: 

1. Images of the events are detected using the image recognition system and deleted.

2. When such recognition is not possible due to low quality, audio recognition is used.

3. If neither of the previous techniques works, the words used in the titles or comments are analyzed.

4. Infringing URLs are removed from Google’s indexed search results.

5. Offending social media accounts are deleted.

In summary, all videos of live events that are shared on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, among others) or on platforms such as Vimeo, Live Stream and Blogger, before, during and after the event, are deleted, significantly reducing the level of online piracy.

When is it important to act?

Protecting a live event requires action before, during and after the broadcast.

Before the event. Fast action is essential, therefore links that may promote viewing the event are monitored. During the days and hours leading up to the event, videos and posts advertising the illegal broadcast of the event are detected and eliminated.

During the broadcast of the event. The monitoring actions carried out before the event continue automatically during the broadcast. Data is captured and requests are sent for the removal of the live videos from YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Twitter and Instagram, among other platforms.

After the broadcast of the event. Links to videos and posts containing recordings of the event are captured and deleted.

Elimination of 96% of infringing live broadcasts in the Ecuador League

In Latin America, we work with the main rights holder, and one of the recent live events that we protected was one of the Ecuadorian football league’s Serie A and B matches.

The results of the protection were outstanding. Of a total of 4,595 infractions that were detected, 5% were deleted from search engines and websites and 95% were deleted from social media posts. The success rate was 96% and 4.4k of the 4.6k infractions were deleted in real time.

How was the result achieved?

At Smart Media Protection we carried out the following processes:

  • The event had a significant impact and the Smart Media Protection’s software detected an Instagram account whose followers increased from 0 to 6 thousand with one single publication.
  • That user’s Instagram stories instructed followers to click on the link in the bio to watch the video.
  • The URL led users to a Twitch video broadcast that belonged to a Facebook account.
  • Two accounts were deleted within one minute.

In such cases, if the Instagram account continues to share illegal content and the infraction is reported three times, the account is deleted. In addition, we archive the username to create our own internal user blacklist.

Technology combined with real-time analysts

Smart Media Protection protects your events against piracy, guaranteeing their quality and benefitting the image of your brand. Thus, we also help you avoid fraud and other complications.

To implement all the measures to protect your videos of live events, we use the following resources:

  • Our own technology, which is customized to each use case.
  • Working in real time, our team helps to detect everything that the software might not, and maintaining contact with the copyright holders.
  • The association with Google through its TCRP (Trusted Copyright Removal Program), which allows us to quickly detect the infraction and delete the offending URL (in 2017, Google delisted 3 billion links to infringing URLs as part of its campaign against online piracy, according to the How Google fights piracy report).
  • Our reaction speeds and our agreements with the main social networks allow a video to be deleted from YouTube in 30 seconds, from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in 1 minute and from other platforms such as Vimeo in 2-3 minutes.

Times have changed for content. We would like to help you protect your live events. Forget your worries surrounding online piracy and dedicate your time to what you care about: your content and your audience. null

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