Keeping your films and series safe online

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Piracy and infringements are common practices on the Internet, and in most cases the magnitude of the problem is unknown. This is a threat that affects both sales and the reputation of your titles.

Don't wait any longer, find out if your film and/or serie is at risk online.

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Follow these steps:

1. Form

Complete the form with the information of your title.

2. Criteria

We mark the monitoring criteria with you: titles, language and keywords.

3. Tracking

Our platform will search for and detect infringing content across Google, social networks, and streaming or direct download platforms in the languages and regions defined in step 2.

A technology platform to protect your films and series online

We detect and eliminate illegal copies of your content through our technology platform, minimizing the impact that piracy can have on your sales or the reputation of your films and series.

We work in a 3-step framework:


We scrape online distribution channels with searches containing your title(s), and piracy-related keywords.


We classify captured information using machine learning techniques.


We quickly remove infringing content thanks to our agreements with Google and principal social networks.

Monitored channels


We find the pirated file in illicit download and/or streaming websites and we eliminate it.

P2P Torrent

We monitor Torrent sites leading to illegal copies hosted on P2P (Peer To Peer) to delist them.

Social Networks

We find posts with links leading to possible illegal copies. We are one of the few companies specialized in social media.

Search engines

We delist within minutes URLs leading to illicit contents on Google due to our TCRP certification.