Keeping your editorial content safe online.

We track down and eliminate illegal copies of your editorial content through our technology platform. This way we minimize the impact it can have on your sales or on the reputation of your titles.

Our technological platform

Intuitive use

Easy navigation in Cloud platform. With just one click you will be able to do the management you want.

Efficiency ratio

Get to know at any time the status of the infringements and the corresponding ratios: identified, in process of elimination and eliminated.

Infringements segmentation

Find the information you need by product, catalog, distribution channel or geographic area.

Online monitoring


We find the pirated file in illicit download and/or streaming websites and we eliminate it.

P2P Torrent

We monitor Torrent sites leading to illegal copies hosted on P2P (Peer To Peer) to delist them.

Social Networks

We find posts with links leading to possible illegal copies. We are one of the few companies specialized in social media.

Search Engines

We delist within minutes URLs leading to illicit contents on Google due to our TCRP certification.


We track down content of apps that could market or distribute illicit content in order to eliminate posts, users or pirate groups.

Our technology


We detect possible infractions gathering and storing vast quantities of information through big data processes.


We analyze and classify information through advanced machine learning techniques and our cybersecurity specialized team.


We eliminate infringements within minutes due to our Google certification and social media networks agreements.

Service levels

Our platform is modular to adapt to the needs of each client. Contact us, let us have your protection needs (titles, countries and languages) and we will send you economic valuation.

Our technological partners

Thanks to our agreements with Google and the main social networks we eliminate the infringements quickly and where they have more diffusion.

Brands we protect

“At first I tried to fight piracy on my own, but it didn’t take long to realize the magnitude of the problem, and this is when I started to look for professionals that could help me. What I most appreciate from Smart Publishing Protection is their efficacy, quality of customer support service and the periodic reports." 

Valentín J. Alejándrez, Partner and Editorial Chief, CINTER